Like always before you decide to make-up your mind, you best look things over first!
The same goes for the Bible you plain to base your life decisions upon!
There’s many different Religions out-there and all different from one-another!
And just because a book says its a Holy Bible doesn’t mean that it is!
Just like Religions there’s many different books claiming to be the Bible!
Yet it goes with-out saying not all of them can be right! Yeah / Naw?
Well would you bet you life on a roll of the dice?
Or would you rather know who, what, when, where, and why the Book
you’ll choose to believe in exits?

I for one use to think I had quite a few to choose from within the Christian Realm, alone!
I have been a Believer for 18 years now, reading His word night and day, so I thought.
One day I wanted to know something in particular about God,
and I began to search out the answer to my one little-o meager question.

Want to know what I discovered? Talk about your basic hornets nest!
I am still dumb-founded over all the best keep secrets as-to one book called the Bible!
These secrets go as far back in time, as five thousand years ago, unto the present day!
If you have been a diligent student you may know some or most,
maybe all if not more than I have come to know from various sources,
digging deep into the subject of our Supreme Being!
Keep in mind that all I wanted to know was just one thing.
How many Names does God have?

Remember Ailoheem is real, He does exits, and you should always lean in to Him.
Never give-up, keep the faith as you find you way through the mad maze made by men,
adequately so-called once as for all, “the yeast of the priest”!

May the peace of the Master Yehoshua be with you now and forever.
Beyond here, some of the hidden Knowledge of the Bible is revealed,
and at the same time there are more hidden secrets still to come!
So let no man lead you astray with empty, hollow, and deceptive philosophies, as to
high sounding nonsense and vain traditions of men based on the rudiments of this world [that of Sawtawn], and not of the Anointed One Yehoshua our Adon and Savior, awmayn [Strong's #H543].
In the following pages the the Sacred Name of our Heavenly Father and His only begotten Son's Name will be explained in detail so that there should be no confusion as to how to pronounce them.

the Gospel [Good News]
will be explained in no uncertain terms!

©® in HaShem of Ail Shaddai: 
YeHoWaH Elohim Adonai,

All Rights Reserved
for Private & Public Domain Uses.
[not to include the material referenced from other books that reserve all rights]

Therefore most of the following Material
can be freely redistributed at will
by Any or All throughout time,
except for that of filthy Lucre.

This Work has been brought to you
through many efforts, between Brethren,
in the way of the Nazarene;
Yehoshua The Anointed One,

(freely ye have received,
​freely give)

{ MattithYahu[Matthew] 10:8 }
to His Esteem & Honor as then & now, so shall forever twill be -
awmayn [Strong' # H543].

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